Objectives of ISPAK

To promote, project and develop the interests of Internet Services Providers in the country regardless of their size and market share.

To collaborate and associate with related National and International Organizations for update on technologies, latest practices and telecom/IT policies.

To advocate and support a healthy Internet industry in the country.

To strive for an open, level playing field and competitive marketplace for Internet access and services to benefit the ISP industry and the customers they serve.

To create a united voice and point of reference for ISPs across the country and represent the Internet industry at various Governmental and Non governmental Forums, media, legislative and regulatory bodies.

To keep the ISPs informed on legislative, regulatory, governmental and telecom infrastructure matters affecting the climate for ISPs and synthesize their positions on issues.

To act as a positive force in the general education and awareness of the members and the Internet community of Pakistan.

To undertake studies and projects related to promotion of Internet usage and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the country.

To solve the problems of ISPs relating to telecom regulatory, infrastructural, operational and policy issues with the key Governmental agencies like Ministry of IT & Telecommunications, Pakistan Telecom Authority, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) and other related organizations.

To struggle for successive cost reduction in Internet bandwidth, leased lines and other related telecom infrastructure in order to provide low cost and best quality of Internet service to the Internet users in Pakistan.

To provide technical inputs to various Governmental, Non Governmental and International Organizations relating to Internet, data communications, Internet security, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Government, Content Filtering, Cyber Crimes and other related subjects.