PTA/FIA conducted a raid on an Islamabad based software company, Cogilent Solutions and arrested its CEO, Mr. Faisal Chohan on 05 December 06. ISPAK has thoroughly investigated the case and concluded that the company was not involved in any illegal voice termination/origination service based on the following facts:

  • Cogilent had only 4 PSTN lines (3 phones and one fax) from PTCL and their monthly bills of last one year don’t indicate any calls other than their normal office use.
  • Raiding team couldn’t find any GSM gateway/s or SIMs in Cogilent’s office premises.
  • There is no evidence of A or B Tel numbers from the logs servers confiscated by the raiding team.
  • Record of Cogilent’s DSL connection from its DSL service provider doesn’t indicate any abnormal use or pattern typical of regular or commercial VOIP activity. They’ve utilized on average of 10 Gbyte of data per month (upload + download) which is very normal for regular Internet use only.
  • Cogilent however did make few (not exceeding 20) PC to phone overseas calls every month using Internet but these calls are perfectly legal as per PTA’s Determination of December 2002.

ISPAK teams had series of meeting with the Chairman PTA, Minister for IT and senior FIA officials. Finally, upon directives of Minister for IT, PTA withdrew the case against Cogilent and Faisal was released from prison.

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