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  • New Cybercrime bill "Bored teens ethical hackers can end up in jail"
    17 April 2015
    Express Tribune

  • New Cybercrime bill to criminalise spam mail text messages
    16,17 April 2015
    | Nawa-i-Waqt

  • Telecos demand withdrawal of increased rate of customs duty (The News)
    June 13, 2014
    The News

  • NAB recovers Rs 368 m from PTCL (Dawn)
    4th of June 2014, 2014

  • LDIs fail to deposit Rs 300 withholding tax (The News)
    13th of June, 2014
    The News

  • 3G use to be in accordance with licence terms - PTA (The News 25-03-2014)
    25th of March, 2014
    The News

  • Blockage of Internet services
    22nd of February, 2014
    The News

  • Blocking of Internet and VPN services
    22nd of February, 2014

  • PTCL paid 80 million fine for Over usage of Spectrum
    13th of January, 2014

  • Grey Phone Traffic : IT
    05th of December, 2013
    The News | Daily Jang

  • Telecom funds diverted to Circular Debt
    03th of July, 2013
    The News | Daily Jang
    | Nawaiwaqt

  • ECC allows 300,000 tonnes urea import
    03th of July, 2013
    By Khaleeq Kiani

  • Telephone Call Rates for Overseas Pakistanis
    27th of June, 2013
    The Daily Nawaiwaqt

  • Cabinet Division sleeps on reference against ex-PM
    30th of March, 2013
    The Daily News

  • Litigation renders PTA dysfunctional
    25th of March, 2013
    Daily Dawn

  • PTA Member Appointment Withdrawn Under LHC Pressure
    16th of March, 2013
    Daily News | Daily Jang

  • Government rushes for Appointments in PTA
    15th of March, 2013
    Daily News | Daily Jang

  • Show-cause notices issued to parties on ICH agreement
    11th of March, 2013
    Daily Dawn

  • Suspension of clause in appointment of Chairman & Members in Telecom Aurhority
    09th of March, 2013
    Daily Jang

  • FCC stops settlement payments to LDI carriers
    09th of March, 2013
    The Daily News

  • Government commits contempt of court by reappointing Awan in PTA
    08th of March, 2013
    The Daily News

  • More dubious links emerge in 3G PTA Scandal
    13th of Dec,, 2012
    The Daily News

  • NAB Intervenes in PTA 3G auction crises
    12th of Dec,, 2012
    The Daily News

  • PTA hires three consultants for Rs. 70m
    28th of Nov,, 2012
    The Daily News

  • PTA orders blocking of scandalous stuff on Internet
    11th of Aug, 2012
    The News | Jung

  • The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has fined Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Rs 82.496 million for unauthorised use of extra radio frequency spectrum.
    Dawn - 4th of Nov, 2010

  • Five killed in PTCL car race
    The News - 6th of Dec, 2010

  • PTCL's Bad Attitude
    The News - 6th of Dec, 2010

  • ISPAK asks PEMRA to ban FoxNews
    The News - 21st of July, 2010

  • Role of Pak embassy in US flayed, ISPs rejects Fox News report
    The Nation - 17th of July, 2010

  • Google data about Pak ranking in porn sites false : ISPAK
    The News - 17th of July, 2010

  • ISPs unhappy with PTCL
    The News - 1st of January, 2010

  • PTCL denying rights of ISPs'
    Daily Times - 1st of January, 2010

  • ISPAK formally decides to launch complain against PTCL's behavior to competition commission of Pakistan
    Jang - 30th of December, 2009

  • Call to review prevention of Cyber Crimes Bill
    The News- 31st of October, 2009

  • Traders Term e-crime law anti-people
    Dawn - 30th of October, 2009

  • ISPAK and PASHA demands to remove terms regarding human rights from Cyber Crime Bill
    Nawa-e-Waqt - 30th of October, 2009

  • Reservations on Cyber Crime Bill, IPA demands to reconsider
    Khabrain - 30th of October, 2009

  • PTCL Privatization
    The News -13th of October, 2009

  • MoIT Clarifies News Report
    The News -10th of October, 2009

  • ISPAK criticises role of IT Ministry
    The News (Abrar Mustafa) - 7th of October, 2009

  • The bill submitted in National Assembly for Cyber Crime Act has been delayed
    Nawa-I-Waqat - 7th of October, 2009

  • Feel the Difference, PTCL (PTCL Customer Story)
    The News - 4th of October, 2009

  • PTCL Assets on sale..
    Nawa-I-Waqat - 4th of October, 2009

  • PTCL denies to sign accords with ISPs
    By Abrar Mustafa- 30th of September, 2009

  • Feel the Difference, PTCL (PTCL Customer Story)
    Daily The News (Letters to the Editor)- 25th of September, 2009

  • Shrinking subscribers base hits PTCL revenue
    Daily The News - 18th of September, 2009

  • PTA gives PTCL two-day Deadline
    Daily The News - 9th of September, 2009

  • Broadband Agreement
    Daily Jang - 31st of August, 2009

  • PTA announces rules for protection from spam
    Daily The News - 27th of August, 2009

  • Cyber Crime Act.
    Daily Jang - 27th of August, 2009

  • Consumers complain about unsatisfactory DSL IPTV services of PTCL.
    Daily The News - 29th of July, 2009

  • If Celcos/ISPs can Filter SMS/Emails?
    Pro Pakistani- 15th of July, 2009

  • IT industry wants PECO drafts bill ammended
    Daily The News - 22nd of June, 2009

  • Erroneous Blocking of IP Addresses by PTA..
    Pro Pakistani- 14th of May, 2009

  • PTCL DSL Services
    Daily The News - 4th of May, 2009

  • Broadband Stakeholders Group Meeting held
    6th of March, 2009

  • The Sorry tale of DSL Connection
    Daily The News - 13th of November, 2008

  • Article on wireless broadband technology
    Daily Jung- 7th of October, 2008

  • Subscribers not Interested in PTCL Braodband Services
    The News - Zubair Kasuri

  • PTCL revamping in the doldrums
    The News - Zubair Kasuri

  • For the Attention of PTCL Subscribers
    The Jung - 21st of April, 2008. Article by Irshad Ahmed Haqani

  • PTCL subscribers in for a rude shock
    The News - 18th of April, 2008 Article By Imran Ayub

  • PTCL moves LHC against bandwidth rate cut decision
    ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has finally moved the Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi bench, against Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) verdict on slashing bandwidth prices...

  • PTA slashes bandwidth prices again
    ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday announced fresh decision about reduction in different categories of PTCL bandwidth tariffs in line with the directions of the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench...

  • Pakistan's web portal is up again, but with jolts
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan governments web portal — — along with a dozen other official websites of various departments and ministries is finally accessible after an outage since Thursday...

  • High speed internet hardly crawling for 150m people
    ISLAMABAD: Deregulation regime coupled with investment of billions of rupees notwithstanding, high speed internet, broadband (HSI-B) has failed to earn the same market appeal as witnessed in case of mobile telephony, top government officials and industry professionals agreed...

  • ISPs lose business; email users run out of patience
    ISLAMABAD: The country's IT-enabled industry continued to suffer financial losses while users struggled for access to some leading business-critical websites for the fifth consecutive day. The PTCL had failed to unblock the...

  • Govt 'lost Rs 23.6bn in revised PTCL sale'
    ISLAMABAD: PTCL was sold to Etisalat UAE at a loss of Rs23.64 billion ($394 million) with the share price reduced from the original bid of $1.96 per share to $1.66, according to documents of the re-negotiated Share-Purchase Agreement in March...

  • PC Clarifies News Report on PTCL Sale'
    ISLAMABAD: Referring a news report in the daily "NEWS" dated 31st August 2006 regarding privatisation of PTCL, a Spokesman of the Privatisation Commission (PC) said that as per the terms of the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA)...

  • Opposition to move parliament against revised PTCL sale '
    ISLAMABAD: Opposition political parties on Friday resolved to table an adjournment motion in parliament against the privatisation of the PTCL. Opposition leaders in separate statements criticised the government for selling out the country's most profit-earning corporations in an "illegal, non-transparent and discreet manner"....