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Govt ‘lost Rs 23.6bn in revised PTCL sale

ISLAMABAD: PTCL was sold to Etisalat UAE at a loss of Rs23.64 billion ($394 million) with the share price reduced from the original bid of $1.96 per share to $1.66, according to documents of the re-negotiated Share-Purchase...

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PC Clarifies News Report on PTCL Sale

ISLAMABAD: Referring a news report in the daily “NEWS” dated 31st August 2006 regarding privatisation of PTCL, a Spokesman of the Privatisation Commission (PC) said that as per the terms of the Share Purchase...

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Exemption from Local Calls Multi-metering

It was in May-June 1998, when Government and PTCL decided to implement multi metering of local calls. Before that, local calls were charged un-metered at cost of one call regardless of their duration. Internet which was in...

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